Taiwan Trend Research

About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrity Operation
•We don’t deem ourselves to be a propaganda outlet of any social interest groups. We offer our social trend relevant insights with objective perception and rigorous attitude.
•We set up strict standard operational procedure and focus on delivering accurate result of every research project.

Improve Workplace Environment
•Hold staff meeting regularly to review our workplace environment.
•Staff benefits package includes periodic physical examination, staff travel, banquet, and performance bonus.
•Offer numerous training programs including lessons from professional training institutions. Encourage on-the-job training.

Social Reform Study
•Promote numerous industry-academia cooperation of social benefits. Conduct interviews that genuinely reflect issues of labor, environmental protection, environmental movement, and media environment in favor of stimulating social reforms and development.
•Free investigation consultancy: TTR offers services of investigation planning, questionnaire designing, sampling method, etc. with no cost to NGO to conduct surveys on the issues of social justice or social reform.
•Free or discounted research study: TTR sets aside specific budget annually to assist NGO to conduct surveys. If your NGO wishes to understand the public opinion on certain social issues, we would like to provide free or discounted research service if you meet our evaluating criteria.

Charity Donation
TTR sets aside part of our profit annually for charity donation. We have send our donation to rural areas primary schools, families below poverty line, school children in need, emergency aid for the needy, environmental protection groups, social reform groups, etc. We would like to contribute and give back part of the revenue we earned from our community to assist vulnerable groups and pitch in for social righteousness and justice.