Taiwan Trend Research

About Us


Majority of companies plan to thrive in the worldwide market as everyone is riding the wave of globalization. The “Taiwan” in “Taiwan Trend Research” does not imply we are limiting ourselves on the regional level, but it is expressing our philosophy of mediating between world vision and Taiwan locality, demonstrating our observant and diagnostic insight potential through dialectical competition of globalization and localization. We believe only by grasping the Taiwan local developing trend can Taiwan be linked up with the whole world with its advantages and features and flourish in the politically and socially inter-reliant global system.

As an observer of Taiwan social trends, Taiwan Trend Research aims to be the leading brand of Taiwan industry analysis and market research. Not only does TTR have abundance of research experience, we also possess innovative and critical way of thinking. We implement rigorous research approaches on our studies to uplift their scientific and practical quality. We provide our clients with the most accurate market information and assist them in developing corporate expansion strategies by putting together a tangle of business information from which we extract essential influential factor, utilizing our keen and professional insight.