Taiwan Trend Research

Our Solutions

  • Industry Research

    TTR has constantly teamed up with domestic and international research institutes to conduct industry studies....(more)

  • Competitive Market Analysis

    A thorough and effective competitor analysis is the key to finding a foothold in a hyper-competitive market. ...(more)

  • Investment Feasibility Evaluation

    The feasibility analysis of venture capital involves many stakeholders such as consumer, competitor, distributor, media, government, research institute, etc. ...(more)

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Although customer satisfaction score is vital, what matters the most is the reason behind every unsatisfactory remark ...(more)

  • Consumer Market Survey

    Consumer market survey must be conducted on a solid theoretical basis and abundant consumer investigation experience ...(more)

  • Logo/Product Similarity Survey

    Logo similarity survey paints a picture of the popularity of your logo and how consumers link that to your brand. ...(more)

  • User Experience Research

    TR categorizes product precisely and tailor designs the most suitable user experience research by integrating various methods of interviewing, ...(more)

  • Mystery Shopping Evaluation

    We believe, aside from expertise of experienced fieldworkers, the quality of mystery shopping assessment scale design is directly relevant ...(more)

  • Public Issue Research

    TTR constantly pays attention to issues of broadcasting media, sport reform, children benefits, women benefits, elders benefits, etc....(more)

  • Public Policy Effectiveness Evaluation

    TTR has accumulated experiences of evaluating effectiveness of numerous policies of economics, cultures, sport, etc...(more)

  • Approval Rating Survey

    Aside from integrating qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct approval rating survey, ...(more)

  • Opinion Poll of Government Ethics

    The level of citizens satisfaction on civil servant ethics, performance, professional abilities, etc....(more)

  • Opinion Poll of Environmental Impact Assessment

    Opinion poll of environmental impact assessment must be conducted with strict research method scheme...(more)

  • Statistical Analysis

    Our experience incorporates output value estimation, human resource demand estimation, research hypothesis valuation,...(more)